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Windsor Heritage

Classic Windsor Chairs, Tables 
other Fine Furniture

The Chairwright

Tony Peirce has been making Windsor Chairs since 2000. All chairs are custom made by hand to fit each client's needs using 18th century tools and craftsmanship. Tony also builds custom tables,  furniture and offers a one on one chair making course in his workshop in Stanbridge East.


The bowback is a comfortable dining side chair made to match the continuous arm chair. 


The sack back was the most common style of Windsor chair produced in the late 1700's. 

Continuous Arm

The classic continuous arm chair is an elegant dining chair. Its back is made from a single piece of wood bent to create a simple arm rest..

Custom Cabinet

Custom make furniture can be ordered to meet the client needs. 


A comfortable love seat for two that is made using the same principles as a continuous arm chair

42" x 120" cherry table with matching sackback Windsors for 10!

Rustic Living

Mountain Lake PBS show on Windsor Heritage shown on public TV in June 2011

The Windsor Chair – Built to Last for Generations 

Special to the Gazette by Robert J. Galbraith 2012

5 Day Windsor
Chair Making Course

Make your own chair in the beautiful Eastern Townships of Quebec.
The course includes all materials and the use of all hand tools that are required to build a Windsor chair. At the end of the week, the student leaves with their own, hand made chair.