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Tony Peirce and Windsor Heritage have been the subject of a number of documentaries and articles that highlight techniques he uses in the construction of Windsor chairs, dining room tables with matching dining chairs or other hand crafted furniture. Why not spend a few minutes to watch the documentary or read the articles!

Rustic Living
Mountain Lake PBS Documentary

The Windsor Chair – Built to Last for Generations

Special to the Gazette by Robert J. Galbraith: 
The art of making handmade chairs is a skill that had been lost for almost 150 years, largely due to the advent of the industrial age and the beginning of the mass production of chairs in the late eighteen-hundreds.
But over the last twenty years, thanks to a small handful of artisans, the ancient craft of making chairs by hand is making a strong come back. The most recognized and famous of handmade chairs is the Windsor chair. This chair was first conceived near the town of Windsor, in Great Britain in the early 17-hundreds.

Le St Armand Article

After more than 25 years in the pharmaceutical industry, Tony Peirce and his partner Susan Baker moved to the Eastern Townships and settled in Stanbridge East, Susan’s family homestead for more than 7 generations. Having worked with wood as a hobby for decades, Tony learned to make chairs in courses given by master craftsmen in both the USA and Canada more than ten years ago. Susan and Tony decided to create a new business called Windsor Heritage, which capitalises on both their hobbies and business skills learned throughout their careers. With the help of several local carpenters and friends, they constructed a new building, designed to be in keeping with the Georgian architecture found throughout the village.

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