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Do you make modern or contemporary Windsor chairs? I make both contemporary and traditional Windsor chairs. The main difference is in the leg and arm stump turnings. Contemporary Windsor chairs have plain tapered legs, which many people prefer over the traditional baulister or bamboo style turnings.

Where can I take a chair making course? There are a number of chair making instructors reccommended by Windsor Chair Resources. We offer a chair making course and classes in our workshop in Stanbridge East, one of the most beautiful villages in Quebec, Canada.

Where can I find counter height Windsor chairs? There are a number of Windsor chair makers in Canada. We make handmade counter height Windsor chairs in our workshop in Stanbridge East, one of the most beautiful villages in Quebec, Canada

What is a Windsor chair? A Windsor chair is a wooden chair whose back and legs attach to the seat independently of each other. This is very different from a traditional chair whose back legs extend up above the seat to form the main supports for the back.

How long do Windsor chairs last? Our Windsor chairs are built using the same techniques that were used during the 18th century. The legs have tapered tenons and all the components are held together mechanically and with glue. This means that the chairs are built to last for generations.

Is it better to purchase new or antique Windsor chairs? Unless you are an antique collector, a new handmade Windsor chair is a better option than an antique. This is because we are considerably larger today than we were 150 years ago. Only a teen will be comfortable sitting on a chair that is 16 inches high!

What materials are used to make a Windsor chair? Every Windsor chair we make is made from three kinds of wood. Maple is used for the legs for strength, the seat is pine to keep the chair as light as possible and oak is used for the back for its flexibility and bending properties. The use of these three types of wood is one of the reasons that antique Windsor chairs last for generations!

What are the most comfortable wooden chairs? Handmade Windsor chairs are among the most comfortable wooden chairs there are. This is because the seat is deeply sculpted and the angle of the back can be built for the individual!

Are handmade Windsor chairs a good investment? As a rule, furniture does not go up in value; however, as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Every Windsor chair we make is a timeless classic built to last generations and that kind of quality and style does not depreciate the way store bought furniture does.

What is the difference between a manufactured and a handmade Windsor chair? Most manufactured Windsor chairs are made with one type of wood, the seats are thin (1” thick or less) and are not as comfortable as hand carved seats and the chair parts are much more likely to become “unglued” or break with time. There are some manufacturers that mass produce high quality chairs, so the question becomes one of comfort and style, which in my personal opinion is no contest!

What colors of Windsor chairs are available? Our Windsor chairs are painted with milk paint and available in a rainbow of colors. You can see the colors available at Homestead House Paint Co

Are Windsor chairs eco or environmentally friendly? Our Windsor chairs are made from wood harvested as a renewable resource and they are finished with environmentally friendly milk paint and natural oils. Furthermore, chairs that last generations reduce the environmental impact that occurs with poorly manufactured chairs that need to be replaced several times over a lifetime.

Can Windsor chairs be customized? Every Windsor chair I make is built to meet the needs of our customers. The colors, the height of the chair, size of the seat or the angle of the back are just a few of the things that can be adjusted to make the chair comfortable.

How do you care for a Windsor chair? Although it is not required, I recommend cleaning and polishing our Windsor chairs with lemon oil on a monthly basis. Over time and with regular usage the milk paint will wear giving the chair an antique patina.

Will Windsor chairs retain their appeal over time? Our Windsor chairs are timeless classics that have retained their popularity since the early 1800’s!

Will a Windsor chair’s color, style, and finish complement the decor of your home? Our Windsor chairs can be found in homes that have modern, formal and casual decors. The wonderful thing about hand made chairs is they can be adapted to suit every home.

How long will I wait when I order Windsor chairs? I can comfortably make 2 Windsor chairs a week. I will let you know how long it will take to receive your chairs when we discuss your needs.

Do you deliver your Windsor chairs? I can deliver our chairs within an 8 hour radius of my workshop for a nominal fee. We can also deliver your chairs by freight.

Can you ship your Windsor chairs? Our chairs can be crated shipped worldwide at the client’s expense. I can also deliver our chairs within an 8 hour radius of my workshop for a nominal fee.

What home decor style is best suited for Windsor chairs? The beauty of the Windsor chair is that it goes well with traditional, modern or country styles. The color and finish and style of the turnings can be modified to suit any room. You can have a modern space with traditional accents or a traditional space with contemporary accents!

Do you make contemporary or modern Windsor chairs? In addition to traditional Windsor chairs, we also make contemporary or modern ones. Modern chairs have simpler turnings, which can be custom ordered.

How much does a Windsor chair cost? Our Windsor chair prices range between $675 and $1,400, which is very reasonable. Our chairs are made using only the finest materials and are built to last generations.

Is any experience necessary to take your Windsor chair classes? No experience is necessary to make your first Windsor chair. We provide an instruction booklet, all the materials and use of our hand tools and one-on-one instruction to guide you through the process of making your own Windsor chair during the 5 day course.

How much is your Windsor chair making course? Our course is $800 and includes an instruction booklet, all the materials and use of our hand tools and one-on-one instruction to guide you through the process of making your own Windsor chair during the 5 day course. 

Other Questions

If you have additional questions, please call us at (450) 248-3692 or use our e-mail form and submit it at your convenience. Thanks for your interest.


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